Personalized solutions for ties.

We have been producing ties and textile accessories for over thirty years in Como, the city of silk.

We offer a complete package of services and solutions to realize tie projects, promotional articles with exclusive and personalized accessories: From the design to the finished product.

We offer a flexible and personalized consultancy service able to answer efficiently to the specific needs of your project thanks to a modern approach which focuses on innovation and thanks to over thirty years experience working with some of the most prestigious brands, synonyms of international elegance.

The key elements of our success:

  • complete and personalized solutions for ties We personalize the product by providing exclusive designs created by our designers or according to the clients designs.
  • constant material and trends research
  • quick sample production
  • operational flexibility
  • craftsmanship and large scale productions: We are able to manage large scale productions as well as small 100% handmade productions.
  • capacità produttiva: anche su produzioni massive, garantendo sempre il miglior rapporto qualità / prezzo grazie ad una costante negoziazione con una consolidata rete di fornitori.
  • production capacity: We produce up to 400 ties per day, ready for the market, in our own production plants, without middle men.
  • beyond ties: We go beyond producing ties: We produce pocket squares, bowties, bandanas, scarves and handkerchiefs. We take care of the development and production of promotional articles, personalizations and textile accessories.

Over thirty years experience in ties

Our Design, Development and Production process



We source all materials necessary for making ties. We have a wide range of suppliers dealing with yarn dyed, jaquard and printed tie fabrics. We pay special attention to the sustainablity and innovation of fabrics as well as new market trends.

Project development

We create and develop personalized exclusive high quality products.
We take care of designing both yarn dyed and printed fabrics developing different colourway proposals in order to create unique highly qualified products in full compliance to the highest excellence standards.

Sample production

We produce samples paying meticulous attention to the choice of fabrics as well as determining the size and realization of the inner linings. We pay particular attention to ensure the consistency, thickness and softness of the articles.


The whole production process is carried out in our own manufacturing plant. This allows us to ensure the highest quality standards and the continuous support during the entire production process. Our ties are almost all entirely handmade by expert craftsmen.

A craftmanship in line with the highest excellence standards
at your service

Carry out your project

Our experts team is at your complete disposal to turn your idea and project into reality.