Euro Fashion Design

We are a team of professionals in the fashion industry who will be completely at your disposal. You will benefit from our experience , an expertise which has matured over several decades in Como, the city of silk.

Our deep understanding of the market as well as established trustworthy relationships with a selected group of suppliers enable us to help clients create their collections each step of the way: from the initial design project to the product development, to sampling and all the way to production.

Our goal is to create a trustworthy relationship which will last through the years.
An all-Italian reliability recognized internationally.

Our strengths:

  • Credibility: We know and are known by the best suppliers and manufacturers in Italy as well as in other countries. We have provided our services to some of the most important fashion brands internationally .
  • Flexibility: We provide solutions at every step of product development and production adapting constantly to our clients’ needs
  • Expertise: Experienced planning allows us to guarantee a complete range of services and solutions in the creation, development and production of single garments as well as entire collections.
  • Research and innovation: Continuous participation in most of the specialized trade fairs in the market allow us to be updated on the latest trends as well as on the latest technical production and material developments.
    This in turns guarantees products which distinguish themselves from products currently on the market.
  • Market research: We are able to define and analyze the competition present in the market in order to help you
    decide the best way to enter and place your product in the market.
  • Budgeting: Through continuous market analysis we are able to define and update the most suitable price range for your product.
  • Maufacturing: Ownership of the manufacturing factories allows us to have a direct control over production.
  • Product Management: We can take care of the entire production process on the clients behalf sparing him all potential problems.

Carry out your project

Our experts team is at your complete disposal to turn your idea and project into reality.