We design and produce polosfor your fashion collection.

Having our own polo factory allows us to offer personalized solutions providing the highest quality in terms of materials, projects and design.

We follow personally every step of production: from the research and development of the product to the prototype fitting and checking all the way to the final garment and production.

The strength of our service:

  • Creative design: Thanks to our designers we can transform your project into a complete personalized collection
    according to the season, the target and market.
  • materials sourcing: We have a wide range of suppliers-Fabric and accessories suppliers. This allows us to produce polos using the highest qualities such as Peruvian Pima cotton at very competitive prices
  • High quality standards:We can guarantee high quality standards for large scale productions and guarantee the best price/quality relationship thanks to a continuous negotiation with our established network of suppliers.
  • Production capacity: We can produce up to 500 polos per day ready for the market. In our own factories, without middle men.
  • operational flexibility

We produce Polos in Peruvian Cotton at competitive prices

Our Design, Development and Production process



We will source all the materials necessary for your polos.
Thanks to a vast network of suppliers we can guarantee the best quality materials for your collection. We create and personalize unique polos thanks to a meticulous selection of fabrics, buttons, labels, embroideries, finishings and prints.

Project development

Our designers will transform your idea into a polo collection in line with the season and the target. We will take care of all the graphic details and will provide accurate technical designs.

Sample production

By providing accurate prototypes and monitoring all the sampling and fitting phases, we can prevent and correct eventual production problems before production.

Tech Pack

We provide detailed tech packs indicating all the necessary information regarding construction, materials, qualities, measurements and label placement. We include pictures with the tech pack in order to guarantee the full respect of all the details during production.


We follow all the production steps providing a constant support during all the different phases of the production ensuring the full respect of lead times.

Carry out your project

Our experts team is at your complete disposal to turn your idea and project into reality.