We design and produce knitwear for your collection.

We offer a complet range of products and services to develop any knitwear project from design to the final garment delivery.

Our highly qualified and specialized consultancy provides tailoring sensiblility in choosing the right materials, workmanship, styling and fitting.

Some good reasons to trust us with your project:
  • complete control of the entire production process
  • highly qualified staff
  • continuous yarn and trend research
  • management of all workmanship methods
  • made in Italy excellence

Technical capacity together with a deep knowledge of yarns
in order to create unique knitwear styles

Our Design, Development and Production process



We do the knitwear yarn research on your behalf following the latest trends.

Design presentation

We provide technical sketches and fashion plates choosing the most suitable yarns to best comply with the fit of the garment.

Technical sheet

We provide all the necessary information for the production of the knitwear indicating all the materials, quality to be used, measurements and label placement.
We include pictures in the tech pack in order to guarantee the full compliance with the product during the production process.

Prototype production and control

We choose the most suitable production plant on the basis of the type of knitwear to be produced in order to guarantee the best quality/price requested. We check prototypes in order to find and solve potential problems and in order to test the yarn performance and the fit of the garment.


Technical sheets are accurately filled in and passed on to the most suitable production plant amongst those with whom we collaborate regularly. We rely on an important network of production manufacturers both in Italy, Europe and Asia

Quality control

We do various quality controls in each production phases in order to guarantee product consistency. The final garment is then checked individually to guarantee the utmost garment quality.

We pay particular attention to continuously search for new yarns and keep updated on the latest trends and technical innovations

Carry out your project

Our experts team is at your complete disposal to turn your idea and project into reality.